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This guide is intended for anyone who has downloaded and installed LBAHQ's Little Big Adventure 1 Custom Version and needs help setting up both music and speech audio settings.

Playing LBA

There are three ways to play LBA 1 in Windows XP, Windows 95, and Windows 98.  If you're playing this game in DOS, scroll to the bottom of this readme.  Method 1 is the best way to play Little Big Adventure under Windows 7 and Windows Vista x64 editions!

  • If you want the best experience playing Little Big Adventure under Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7, use Method 1!
  • If you're not computer savvy and want an easy installation with hardly any setup, use Method 2 to play! Read method two thoroughly for cons about this method.
  • If you want to use another method, use Method 3!

LBAHQ recommends method 1!

Method 1: DOS BOX

We recommend using DOS BOX to play Little Big Adventure 1 under Windows XP.  You can find the installer for DOS BOX on the CD in the main directory of LBAHQ's special Little Big Adventure 1 release, or you can download it here.  Run the installer, and install DOS BOX.

After you have successfully installed DOS BOX, please double click on the DOS BOX icon which has been newly created on your desktop by the DOS BOX installer.

Once DOS BOX has loaded, take special notice at how DOS BOX emulates your sound settings.  DOS BOX always emulates the following settings:


This line of code is found directly under the blue dialogue box.

Use the following Table below to assist you into identifying your Audio Settings.

Letter Description
A Specifies the sound blaster's address
I Specifies the interrupt request line
D Specifies the 8-bit DMA channel
P Specifies the MPU-401 base I/O port
T Specifies the type of sound blaster card
  • 1 - Sound Blaster 1.5
  • 2 - Sound Blaster Pro I
  • 3 - Sound Blaster 2.0
  • 4 - Sound Blaster Pro II
  • 6 - SOund Blaster 16/AWE 32/32/64

Mounting Drives Through DOS BOX

According to this table, DOS BOX has set our emulated sound settings to Sound Blaster 16 at the address of 220, the IRQ of 7, and the DMA of 1.

Great, we now have the audio settings.

In order to successfully play the game, once in DOS BOX's command line, you must mount your CD ROM / DVD Drive into DOS BOX.  To do this, type the following command in where D:\ is your true CD ROM drive location according to Windows.

mount d D:\ -t cdrom


If your real CD ROM / DVD drive is actually drive E:\ or another letter under XP, you would have to type:

mount d E:\ -t cdrom

After you have mounted your CD drive, you must mount the LBA directory.  Thus, now type:

mount c C:\LBA

Where C:\LBA is your installation directory for Little Big Adventure 1.  If C:\LBA is not your installation directory, replace C:\LBA with the true path to your LBA 1 directory.


Every time you start DOS BOX, you will need to mount your drives; however, there is a way to configure DOS BOX to mount the drives for you.  If you want to save yourself some time, read the next section.  If you're not interested in a time-saver, please continue to After Mounting the Drivers

Mounting the Drives Automatically Upon Each Run

You will have to set the above mounts manually each time your run DOS BOX unless you go into your DOS BOX installation directory, typically C:\Program Files\DOSBox-0.72, and open dosbox.conf using NotePad.  Now scroll down to the end of the file.  You should see the following at then end of the file:

[autoexec] # Lines in this section will be run at startup.

On the next line under the comment of "# Lines in this section will be run at startup", place the following commands:

mount d D:\ -t cdrom
mount c C:\LBA

Go to File, and choose save.  Now close NotePad.

Your mounts will now be pre-configured each time you run DOS BOX.

After Mounting The Drives

After mounting your installation directory and CD Drive, please type "C:\" and press enter without typing the quotes.  Now, type in "setup.exe" without the quotes and press enter.  Use the arrow keys to select "FX Sound Card Settings", and press enter.  Now, choose the correct type of audio blaster DOS BOX has selected for you.

Thus, select Sound Blaster 16 and press enter.  Now select the address of 220, and press enter.

Now, select "Music Sound Card Configuration" and press enter.  Choose "Wave Blaster on Sound Blaster 16" and use address 330.

Back at the main menu, select "Save Parameters" and press enter.  Now choose "Quit to Dos".  Your sound settings are now properly set!

Run the game by typing lba.exe and make sure your CD is in the drive!

Video Tutorial

If you need more help, download and check out this video tutorial!

Method 2: LBA WIN

Double click on the Little Big Adventure shortcut that has been placed on your desktop.  This will run LBA WIN, which is a port of LBA allowing you to play the game on Windows XP without configuring DOS BOX or playing with sound settings.

Though this is the easiest method to use, LBA WIN is not "true" to the real version, in terms of music and sound.  It's the same game, but much of the feeling is lost.

If you're having problems with colors in full-screen mode under XP, Vista, or Windows 7, you can fix the problem by editing your config to use minimized mode by downloading this patch or doing it manually.

The above patch is only intended to be used with our custom version of Little Big Adventure.


This version does not require the CD for play.

Method 3: LBA XP Patched Version

Using this method normally results in playing LBA without music!  Thus, we again recommend you use method 1!

In order to play LBA 1 via this method, we need to first discover Windows XP's emulated sound settings by:

Browsing to C:\WINDOWS\system32 either using Windows Explorer or by copying and pasting C:\WINDOWS\system32 into Internet Explorer.  Click on view files if you receive a warning about Windows files.  Next, right click on the file, AUTOEXEC.NT Choose open with from the right click menu options.  On the next window that pops up, select NotePad under recommended programs.  When Notepad is selected, click ok.  The file opens.

Scroll down to the bottom of this document that Notepad just opened.  At the bottom, you will see something like this:

SET BLASTER=A220 I5 D1 P330 T3

Write down these settings!

Go to your Little Big Adventure directory, default of C:\LBA.  Double click on setup.exe.  Select "FX Sound Card Settings" and press enter.  Chose the right settings.  Refer to the audio table to help you understand what A220 I5 D1 P330 T3 means.

After selecting your settings for FX, choose Music Sound Card Settings, and try to use a similar sound blaster at the address of 330.  I'm going to be honest.  I only was able to get the music and sound running correctly only once when using this method.  The windows settings only seem to work for FX Sound Card settings.

We really recommend you use method 1 if you wish to have music.  If your selection for music doesn't work, go back to setup, re-setup your FX settings to the Windows emulated settings, and choose no music.  Save parameters, and choose Quit to Dos.

Now, go to Start, All Programs, Little Big Adventure, and click on: Little Big Adventure - XP Patched Version.


If you need any help with any of the above methods, please post in our forums.

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